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    El Rojo

    I'm an Animatronics Engineer based in West Yorkshire, currently working as part of a team to bring both new and familiar characters to life in creative and entertaining ways for a wide variety of clients and events. You can find out more about me over on the 'About' page.

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    New Website

    As the old portfolio website was looking rather dated, it was time to update: so welcome to woodencupboard.com 2.0! The blog is still here, so don't forget to check it out if you have a chance. I only update it occasionally, but its something I'm proud to have nonetheless.

  • About

    I graduiated with a BSc (Hons) in Robotics with Artificial Intelligence in 2009 and subsequently undertook a PhD in the same field in the same year. Returning to study further afforded me the ability to involve myself more in my other interests: joining the Bradford Student Cinema as Administrator in 2010, taking it to its most successful level ever and installing 3D film screening capabilities to become Europe's first 3D student cinema. I co-hosted a movie-based radio show with the guys now over at Movie Umpire; I further produced, filmed and starred in numerous film projects both for fun and as an employee of the university and for a considerable time worked as a lighting technician at a live event venue.

    I also co-created a character called "El Rojo" (pictured above). We've many videos on YouTube and El Rojo was used as a marketing tool for 2012's Freshers' Week - you can see the videos over on my Portfolio page.

    Key Interests and Skills

    • Innovative, Intelligent Robotic Programming
    • Animatronic Design
    • Character and Model Sculpting and Creation
    • Landscape, Nature, Event and Portrait Photography
    • Event Filming, Video Editing and Production
    • Event Planning and Execution
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  • Photography

    Samples of photography work from planned shoots, photographic expeditions and various projects I've been involved in.

    The Team Bradford Naked Calendar Photoshoot
    Bradford Ravens Zombie Cheerleaders

    Site under development - more coming soon


    A selection of film projects I've had a hand in creating - from behind the camera.

    Site under development - more coming soon


    A number of examples showcasing production work in film editing, motion graphic design and soundscaping.

    Coming Soon Ident for Bradford Student Cinema during Freshers' Week
    Coming Soon Ident (Start) for Bradford Student Cinema Trailers
    Coming Soon Ident (End) for Bradford Student Cinema Trailers
    Combined Trailer Edit for Bradford Student Cinema
    Mobile Phone Theatre Policy Trailer for Bradford Student Cinema
    5.1 Surround Soundscape for Bradford Student Cinema Ident
    The Seasonal Group SHowroom Walkthrough 2014


    Examples of corporate social media management, website creation and maintenance and print media design.

    BSC Web Page

    As the Bradford Student Cinema Administrator for 3 years, I designed, maintained and updated the online website, as well as maintaining the social media channels of Facebook and Twitter as primary methods of interaction with our audience.

    I created a scheduling system to automatically remove film screening notifications from the main index page after the screening occurred, shifting all screening notifications up such that the next remained at the top: thus ensuring an always up-to-date schedule of screenings at the cinema.

    Site under development - more coming soon

    More Marketing

    Further examples of corporate social media management, website creation and maintenance and print media design.

    Site under development - more coming soon

    BSC Web Page



    Some film projects are just to difficult to resist appearing in - even if you can't tell it's me.

    Zombie Compilation - Character: Ground Control
    El Rojo - Wobble

    Site under development - more coming soon

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    J Winkley


    07951 192598
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    11 GCSEs, Science (A*A*), Maths (A*), English (A*A) + 3 other A*s and 3 As

    4 A Levels, Engineering (AA), Physics (B), Maths (A)

    BSc (Hons), Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

    PhD, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence